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Butterflies of Taiwan


Butterfly themed design

Butterflies have been widely used in many objects of creation as they symbolize rebirth, soul and transition. The design inspiration was my cross cultural journey departure from the Butterfly Kingdom of Taiwan to the Western World.  The intention of the design was to make something different from the current object and to give it meaning. It might also evoke people’s environmental awareness of how to protect our natural world. This is how design works — bringing nature and vitality into our lives.



Innovation pen holder and bookmark gel effectively with books, office's partitions, white boards and refrigerators as performed in different function. It's very easy to use, only two actions; fold and unfold. Using it with book as bookmark and pen carrier; placing it on the office’s partition, white board and refrigerator as pen keeper on the particular area. Furthermore, it can be utilized as a paper organizer to separate your documents and receipts. Let this beautiful butterfly penholder enrich your life from home to office.


Butterfly motif collection

* Butterfly Magnetic Effects

* Butterfly Art Installation DeskSet

* Butterfly Languages

* Butterfly Fashion Case

* Butterfly Jewelry


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Design Event


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Design Event

Design Event

Design Event


Vivid Sydney, Vivid Flying Deams

30 May to 14 June 2018

Australian Design Centre

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* Frankfurt PaperWorld, China. 15-17 Nov. 2019

* Frankfurt PaperWorld, China. 22-24 Nov. 2018 

* Taiwan in Design, Malaysia. 25-26 Oct. 2018

* Sydney Australian Design Centre, Australia.29 May-14 Jun. 2018 

* A' Winners' Exhibition at "Utopa International Design Exhibition" Zhuzhou,   China. 26 Dec. 2017 - 20 Mar. 2018

* A' Winners' Exhibition at "Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair" Shenzhen, China. 5-7 November 2017. 

* A' Design Award 40 x 40 Exhibition Budapest, Hungary. 8-31 October 2017.

* A' Winners' Exhibition at "FOAID - Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference", India. 22-23 September 2017 (Mumbai).

* A' Winners' Exhibition at Mood Museum of Design, Como, Italy. 6-26 June 2017

* Frankfurt Paper World, Frankfurt, Germany. 28 to 31 January 2017. 

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* SuZhou Eslite, China 

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